Mr. Goodvapes

Mr. Good Vape (MGV LLC) is an ejuice company based out of Southern California. Conceived in 2010 and revitalized as a packaged entity in 2012. The idea behind Mr. Good Vape is founded by vape connoisseur and pioneer Gary Riddle. The young entrepreneur wanted to create something helpful for people that truly enjoyed delicious flavoring while copulating with in the new vaping culture. Creating an additional platform became his passion while while aiding others in the tyrannical war of nicotine, controlled by big tobacco corporations. Gary’s vision led him to leave a mark for a great foundation and with this he came to develop a great team.  Gathering the best within their respective industries Mr. Good Vape embodies a team of diversified individuals, a variety of backgrounds from interests, talents and experience, this creative combination is the driving force that brings you The Godfather of Vaping. A company that’s on the forefront of developing high end ejuice using cutting edge technology.