Loudmouth Vapors (Herndon Only)

Loudmouth Juices are the creation of Dan and Josh, two guys from Northern Virginia. Their goal was simple: To produce a clean, all-day, coil-friendly juice. To meet this goal, no artificial coloring or sweeteners are added, keeping the juices as basic as they can be -- in other words, “no fluff in the puff.” In customer testing, some users even found coils lasting longer and experienced a significant reduction in build up when switching from some other brands.

Loudmouth currently offers 4 unique flavors, carefully formulated through extensive user and vendor testing. Quality over quantity was the concept that started the line, providing users with a few good options rather than flooding the senses with flavors and colors. They believe their flavors are not too strong or over-the-top, but instead provide the user with smooth, satisfying tastes that don’t get old throughout the day.

Loudmouth Juices – a high vg, subtle, enjoyable vape. Give them a try and we think you’ll agree that they have truly set the bar on quality and flavor.